5 Simple Cake Decorating Techniques

Jazz up your cakes with our simple cake decorating techniques and make your birthday cake look like a beautiful work of art.

Here are 5 super easy cake decorating tips:

1. Make a colorful polka dot cake.
Decorate your cake with the Trix cereal to make beautiful polka dots over a white frosting base.

2. Fake piped frosting with crunchy meringues.
Take some store-bought meringues and place them around the edge of your cake for a piped frosting rosette look.

3. Make a glittery cake.

Decrate your cake with edible glitter and make different coloured stripes for a glittery, funky cake.

4. Gummy bear your cake.

Cover your cake with the buttercream frosting color you like and then stick colourful gummy bears all over for a beautiful candy cake. You could try this trick with any type of bright hued candy like lucky charms or pink and purple hearts for a romantic look for your special someone.

5. Create M&M design.

Use different colored M&Ms to make a snazzy pattern on your cake. You could even make a cartoon character like a minion using yellow and blue candy.